HP Spectre vs Surface Pro – Which one Better

HP Spectre vs Surface Pro

The HP Spectre vs Surface Pro both are premium convertible computers with a convertible design. The Surface Pro is available with a detachable keyboard that can be used as a tablet or laptop. HP has just released their new Spectre X360 13-v011dx, which is a great premium computer. However, there is another 13-inch product that is similar to the Spectre – the Surface Pro. With similar price tags and similar specs, it is hard to know which is better and which would suit your needs better.

The HP Spectre vs Surface Pro comparison will help you decide and hopefully aid in your buying decision. The specs are virtually the same. Both have a 12.3-inch screen, and a pen and both have a premium design. However, the HP Spectre is slightly larger and a tad heavier. This blog will help you decide which of these two devices is better for you.

HP Spectre:

The HP Spectre is a laptop that is both stylish and powerful. It has a sleek, aluminium body that is only 0.41 inches thick and weighs only 2.45 pounds. It is available in both 13-inch and 15-inch models. The 15-inch model has a 4K display, while the 13-inch model has a Full HD display.

The Spectre is powered by Intel Core i7 processors and has up to 16 GB of RAM. It also has up to 1 TB of storage. The Spectre has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one USB 3.1 port, and one HDMI port. It also has a microSD card reader. The Spectre’s battery life is up to 12 hours. The HP Spectre is a great laptop for anyone who wants style and power.

Surface Pro:

The Surface Pro is a great device for those who need a powerful tablet that can also double as a laptop. The built-in kickstand and detachable keyboard make it easy to use in either mode, and the included pen is a handy tool for taking notes or drawing.

The Surface Pro is also one of the most powerful tablets on the market, with a full-fledged Intel processor and plenty of RAM. The only downside is the price tag, but for power users, the Surface Pro is definitely worth the investment.

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HP Spectre vs Surface Pro

HP Spectre vs Surface Pro: The differences:

HP SpectreSurface Pro
Display13 Inches2880 x 1920 Pixels
Processor‎2.8 GHz core i7‎4.8 GHz core i7
Graphics CardIntel Iris XeIntel UHD Graphics 620
Weight‎10.03 pounds‎1.96 pounds
Screen size‎13.5 Inches‎13 Inches
Hard drives‎1 TB SSD‎256 GB SSD
Operating system (OS)Windows 10 HomeWindows 10 Pro
Size (length x width x height)‎11.75 x 8.67 x 0.67 inches14.1 x 9.72 x 0.77 inches
Screen resolution2880 x 1920 PixelsFull HD
HP Spectre vs Surface Pro

Benchmark Test HP Spectre vs Surface Pro:

BenchmarkHP Spectre
HP Spectre
Surface Pro
Surface Pro
Geekbench 5 (single/multi-core)1447 / 44501088/ 55481178/ 3352
HP Spectre vs Surface Pro


We were impressed with how quickly the HP Spectre x360 with a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition worked compared to the Surface Pro. The x360 booted to the login screen in 8 seconds while the Surface Pro took 10 seconds to get to the login screen. The Surface Pro with i5 processor booted to the login screen in 13 seconds.

We were impressed with how fast the HP Spectre x360 responded compared to the Surface Pro. The HP Spectre x360 was faster at the opening, closing and switching apps. It was faster at launching apps, but the difference was not great. The HP Spectre x360 with Core i7-7500U processor was only slightly faster at launching apps and switching between apps, but it was noticeably faster at the opening and closing apps. We were not able to verify the battery life on the HP Spectre x360 since it was too new to have that information on the HP website.

If you are interested in an HP Spectre and the Microsoft Surface Pro, we hope this article helped you decide which one is best for you. Thanks for reading, we are always happy when our posts are able to provide useful information on topics like this.


HP Spectre vs Surface Pro Which do you think is better?

The HP Spectre has a great design and builds quality comparable to Apple’s MacBook Pro. Although its battery life falls short of the Microsoft Surface Pro’s ultra-portability, it offers great performance and a wide range of ports including HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and an SD card slot.

The Spectre will run on the Intel Core M processor with a base of 2.2GHz and Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz. This is enough performance for your daily tasks and some light 3D gaming. It comes with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage which is fairly roomy. The HP Spectre does not have a touchscreen, but that is not a deal breaker for most people.

HP Spectre vs. Surface Pro Which one do you think is more suitable for a student?

HP Spectre is HP’s take on a 3-pound ultrabook. In my opinion, it is a great product, some reviewers have even called it the best Ultrabook ever made. It has a lot going for it: a solid design, a beautiful display, great battery life, and it is considerably more affordable than the competition from Apple.

I think it is especially a good option for students. It works as a great laptop and it has the personality and features of a tablet. There is only one thing about the HP Spectre that bothers me. The keyboard has no backlight. I think it would be a great feature to have.

The reason I think most students would like the Spectre the most is that it works very well as a laptop, but it transitions into a tablet very easily. The HP Spectre has the personality of a tablet, which is what most students want.  Surface Pro, on the other hand, has the personality of a laptop. It is a great laptop, but its tablet personality isn’t as strong. It is great as a laptop, but if students want a tablet, they can always buy a surface pro 2.

Apple Macbook Air vs HP Spectre. What do you think?

Apple Macbook Air is a good product offered by Apple. It has excellent battery life, elegant design and fast performance. However, it is a bit more expensive than most laptops on the market. On the other hand, HP Spectre is a great product for those who want something a little more affordable yet with great design and performance. Though it does not have a good battery life, it is still one of the best laptops on the market.

Is Surface Pro worthwhile?

Surface Pro is a strong contender in the booming tablet industry. With its gorgeous design, high-end specifications and powerful Windows 8 operating system, it has everything that a tablet should have.

But instead of making it a winner, Microsoft has put the Surface Pro in the wrong position. Surface Pro is a tablet that has been transformed into a full-fledged laptop. It is not a laptop that has been transformed into a tablet.

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