how do powerline adapters work?

powerline adapters

Powerline adapters are devices that are used to transfer data or power through the existing powerlines in a house.

We all know that powerlines can be of different voltages and amperage, which is dangerous when transferring power through these cables. However, for powerline adapters, it is of no use (and serves no purpose). They do not transfer power; they only transfer data. This makes them very useful in houses where there isn’t an Ethernet cable near your device or you want to avoid buying long Ethernet cables. Powerline adapters also make use of the mains power which means they don’t need batteries like wireless (WiFi) range extenders do.

The technology behind powerline adapters has been around since 1999 but powerline adapters have only become affordable for individual use in the past few years.

The powerline network created by powerline adapters is very dependable because of its “mains power” aspect – mains power doesn’t fail unless there is a power outage or there’s some problem with the main power grid. The powerline adapter uses electrical wiring as a powerline adapter should be plugged directly into power outlets without power extension cables (some powerline adapters come with these power extension cables).

The power outlet powerline adapter is slightly larger than the ethernet port powerline adapter.

The powerline adapter creates an electrical pulse every .2 milliseconds. This pulse of data is created very rapidly and travels through the powerlines to its destination powerline adapters (which create another powerline adapter).

Powerline adapters usually use one or more of the following technologies:

  • A power networking technology called HomePlug uses a method of network coding for powerline transmission;
  • A networking protocol called IEEE P1901;
  • An app that controls access to the Internet, like the TP-LINK TL WPS510U app.

How do powerline adapters work?

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