Best Two Man Ladder Stand Buy in 2022

Best Two Man Ladder Stand

Getting a hunting partner can greatly increase your chance of success. Two pairs of eyes see more than one, and you can make better decisions when you have a partner to bounce ideas off of. If you prefer to hunt from a stand, you want to make sure that you get one that can accommodate two people. Ground blinds can get pretty cramped, but a ladder stand can provide a space that is plenty big for two people.

In this guide, we’re going to talk about the top models for 2021’s hunting season. We’re going to go over some of their notable pros and cons, and we’re going to talk about the specific features you’re going to want to focus on when you’re buying a new two-man ladder stand.

How to Choose a New Ladder

When you are looking for a new Ladder, there are a few things that you should consider before making a purchase. First, you should consider the brand. There are many different brands out there and the quality of each is different. You should also consider the price. No matter what you’re looking for, you should find a product that fits your price point.


You should also consider your personal tastes and needs. There are a lot of different products out on the market, so you should definitely find something that fits you. All in all, product research is a very important step before making a purchase.

Noted before buying a Ladder

When you are shopping for ladders, you will notice that there are several different types to choose from. Most of these types differ in size and construction material, but there are some underlying features that you should always consider.

For example, the height of the ladder is an important factor to consider. You will find that you have to choose between tall ladders and short ladders. The height of the ladder should match the height of the tree that you need to climb.

Best Pick

The Comrade  Two Man Ladderstand

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Second Best

The Jayhawk Two Man Ladderstand

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Don’t Miss

 Ladderstand Hunting Tree Stand, Black

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1. X-Stand Treestands Two Man Ladderstand

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The 2-man ladder stand is a hunting stand popular in the United States. It is essentially a platform for hunters to take aim at their target without being seen. It consists of a 2-sided ladder with a platform on top. 

The seat is the part where the hunters sit and is usually made of either a padded stool or rocking chair. The backrest is the other part of the 2-man ladder stand. It is usually a padded panel that is best used to lean back and shoot from.


  • Durable and sturdy

  •  raise or lower shooting rail


  • Cushions cheaply made

2. The Jayhawk Two Man Ladderstand

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The Jayhawk 20′ two-man ladder stand is a great choice for any hunter. The 42″ wide x 34″ deep foot platform provides enough space to carry your bow or gun. The foot rail helps to keep your legs and body posture in a desirable position.


The stand itself is designed to hold up to 500 to 600 lbs. weight. It has a safety system to hunt in any condition, making sure your stand is secure before you leave the ground.


  • At a good height for spotting targets

  • Pretty stable with additional straps


  • Cushioned seats make some noise

3. Guide Gear 2-Man Ladder Tree

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This stand is constructed with a durable steel frame that can hold a maximum load of 500 lbs without tipping over. The stand has a sleek design without the footrest rail which gives the user more elbow room. The stand has a padded seat and backrest that are comfortable to sit on. The stand is offered in a forest green color.


  • Relatively easy to set up


  • little bit expensive

4. X-Stand TreestandsTwo Man Ladderstand

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X-Stand Treestands are a leading manufacturer of hunting treestands. X-Stand manufactures a wide variety of models to accommodate the needs of most hunters. The X-Stand Comrade X is a top-of-the-line two person stand. It is designed for hunters who want to hunt together, but not together. 


The Comrade X allows two hunters to enter from opposite sides of the tree and face in opposite directions. The stand features a rugged, aluminum frame and a steel cable that enhances safety and stability. All seats, including shooting rails are padded for a comfortable hunting experience. The Comrade X is a great choice for hunters who want to hunt with a partner but not together.


  • Two separate seats

  • Jaw safety system


  • Assembly is difficult

5. Single-Person Ladder Stand Hunting

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A tree stand is a platform used by hunters and recreational tree climbers to ascend trees. Hunters and recreational tree climbers use tree stands for various reasons including for hunting game or observing wildlife. 

Tree stands are typically hung from trees using rope and are equipped with a seat and footrest, with a shooting rail and platform to rest a gun. They are often hung from a tree so that the hunter’s head and shoulders are above the level of the tree’s foliage.

The Padded Shooting Rail is designed to support you as you shoot, adding a safety aspect to the tree stand and helping you stay comfortable for longer periods. 

The padded seats also have a thick cushioning, so you will not have to sit on cold metal for extended periods. The screws and nuts that come with the tree stand assembly help ensure that the tree stand is anchored securely to the tree.


  • Wide curved 
  • Helix oval tubing


  • Quite heavy

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