Best 5 Helpful Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

The word Artificial Intelligence defines the blueprint of a machine that acts as the human mind. It means that in modern days machines (Robotics) is a required or necessary thing for daily life work. Nowadays, you can see many examples of Artificial Intelligence in Daily life which are really very helpful for human beings. The Robotics term is commonly used for Artificial Intelligence, the main thing of Robots (AI) to understand, analyze and learn different algorithms to accomplish the task as a human do.

Machine Learning

Machine learning contains machine language, it means that the language supported by the machine or robot that is installed in it and do some training session of AI robot with daily life examples. Machine language absorbs data in huge amounts than do data mining and analyze the structure of data to do the functions.

Natural Language Process (NLP)

A natural language process is a linguistic tool or set of instructions that help robotics to understand the language of input data and give output accordingly. Natural Language Process (NLP) allows Machines to do data automation which means that AI robots understand the input language and automatically communicate with the concerned entity. Here we explore some examples of artificial intelligence in daily life.

1- Face Detection & Recognition

artificial Intelligence

Face recognition is one of the most used artificial intelligence in daily life. In this data algorithm virtual filters are used to detect and recognize the face look and impression. Face Identification is really much needed in future because of security reasons in human personal life.

Face recognition applied to AI-based algorithms that start detection from face cuts, nose, and lips, if something does not meet the algorithm standards then the AI system is locked by functionality. Face recognition and detection are also beneficial for public places like Airports, public stands, for security reasons.

2- Google Maps Assistance

Travelling is one of the most liked hobbies for vloggers or tourist persons. Many people from different states and cultures visit several countries to observe the natural beauty and for some other purpose. So they don’t have knowledge of every path that would be visited. That is why Google experts design and develop Map assistance for those who do not understand foreign countries’ destinations. Google community design GPS and Navigation AI system that may help to reach the exact destination.

By Machine learning Google Maps analyze the path and Building edges that are on the road or off the road. Also, Google machines identify the handwritten house numbers, street numbers then implement on the Maps application in a user-friendly interface that proves very helpful for tourists. One more mind-boggling feature of artificial intelligence in daily life is that traffic analyzer means AI server detects other vehicles movement and counts them which also prevent accidents on road.

3- Auto Correct Text Editor

Auto Correct Text Editor AI

When someone writes a document and forgets about grammar and spelling, then an auto-correct text editor helps the writing person. The AI auto-correct tool is installed in text editing software which may help writers to fix errors. One more notable algorithm is that checking grammar and plagiarism is automatic with the help of AI text editors. While it takes some time to understand the linguistic process, after that it will be corrected by the use of NLP and machine learning.

Computer programmers, scientists, and linguists working on machine learning say that it means they teach computers as we learn in school by our teachers to understand the input and give relative output to the users. So the sum-up of all information is that artificial intelligence in daily life also improvises text editing tools day after day.

4- Recommendation & Search Algorithms

Recommendation & Search Algorithm AI

Someday you want to find your favorite movie or some other thing you love to find on the internet but you forgot the name of that thing, so the AI algorithm helps you to find the exact thing in the shape of suggestions and recommendations.

These smart artificial intelligence in daily life help us to find which thing or search we want. AI algorithms observe our search history and interest online and then it will show us the related info. The process of this AI algorithm collects a big amount of data after that data is mined by server programs. Another technique to show the popular topic on everyone’s device is SEO, in this method some focus keywords put in the content that makes the content ranked from others and show on the internet at the first instead of others.

5- Chabot’s

Chatbots AI

Chabot’s is one of the unique and modern-day technologies implemented by artificial intelligence scientists and computer programmers that may help site visitors by answering their questions. Chabot’s algorithms are installed to memorize the questioning & answering session for customers. Here also NLP (Natural Language Process) is implemented because Chabot’s communicate with several culture peoples to help them. Artificial intelligence is the need of modern-day life because everyone wants to live an easy and happy life that is away from difficulties.   

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